Moving forward together

Navigating change through the power of community

The pace of change is accelerating more than at any other point in history. Navigating this change is tough but opportunities abound if we move forward together.

Latest Work

Walking forward together

Walking forward together is core to our Creating Communities philosophy. We engage people and organisations to find common ground and build social value. Our Reconciliation Action Plan is central to this work. It reflects our deeply held belief in equality and social equity showing the pathways through which we seek to walk forward together with First Nation’s peoples to achieve this.


Creating Communities is proud to have pledged our support for the #EndCOVIDForAll campaign organised by Micah Australia, the Australian Council for International Development and the Campaign for Australian Aid. We are aiming to create a surge of Australians showing solidarity for our global neighbours.

Celebrating the School Based Traineeships

There are some things that can only happen when we come together. A key initiative that the Hedland Collective supports is the School Based Traineeship program. A program that speaks directly to the Collective’s mission of boosting opportunities for all people and propelling enterprise.

A Celebration of Culture

At Creating Communities, we’re all about working with others to build strong, connected and resilient communities.